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At Arbuckle Closing & Escrow, we have an enthusiastic and committed staff with many years of combined experience in various facets of the real estate business. Lisa Pollard, closer and owner, is a licensed escrow agent, a licensed title agent, and has a long history as a lender in both bank and mortgage company settings. While many escrow companies in Oklahoma only employ unlicensed agents who aren’t required to attend continuing education classes, at Arbuckle Closing & Escrow, your transaction will be closed and funded by a professional title agent licensed by the State of Oklahoma.

Once we receive your contract, we begin the closing process. This usually includes ordering abstracting work followed by an attorney examination of the abstract to identify any defects in the chain of title. Once the attorney’s opinion is delivered to our office, we generate a title commitment that is then sent to your lender for their underwriting purposes.
After your lender has cleared your loan for closing, they work closely with our closer to create a settlement statement (also known as a HUD) and then deliver a packet of lender documents to our office for you to acknowledge. After all parties have signed, the closing agent will fund the sale and pay off any liens against the property and all existing invoices generated by the transaction and approved by the parties. Shortly after the sale has taken place, we will mail your original, recorded deed to you and the title policies will be issued accordingly.
After your contract arrives at our office, we will order the abstracting and send the same to the examining attorney. If any title defects are found, we will work with you and the attorney to clear the issues. Once the title is clear, we will work with the buyer to prepare the file for closing. If you currently have any mortgages or liens against the property, we will order the payoff statements and make them a part of the settlement statement. When all parties complete the signing process, we will finish the funding of the sale and send payment for all liens and/or mortgages against the property to the appropriate entities.
Title insurance is provided by a licensed title agent and once in place, you are protected against risks and insured against loss. Our title insurance is underwritten by First American Title Insurance Company, a nationwide leader in real estate title insurance. Title insurance not only covers defects shown on the record, but also covers defects not revealed by a title agent’s or abstractor’s search of the public records. Title insurance can and should be purchased by both the owner and the lender. The title insurance premium is paid only once. The coverage lasts for as long as the insured has some liability for a title defect, whether as an owner of the property or as a lender.