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Arbuckle Title Services is ready and able to handle all of your title research needs. Our accomplished and dedicated staff will work with you and/or your lender to prepare a thorough report on your property’s chain of title. This report includes copies of recent recorded documents and an aerial map of the property. If assistance is needed to clear a defect, we can lend a hand to point you in the right direction to cure the title issue. We work closely with many of the local banks to facilitate their mortgage lending departments. Please contact us for a consultation. We will work hard to provide you with a professional and timely service.

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A Title Report can uncover many defects to title before they become a problem.

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The purchase of real estate is one of the most expensive long-term financial commitments you or your family will ever make. It is very important to take the steps necessary to ensure that the property you plan to purchase is free and clear of all encumbrances. On the flip side of this equation, your lender will also require confirmation that the property is clear of any impediments to their loan. Our title services are designed to give homeowners and their lenders protection from adverse title claims or risks.

Why is a title report necessary?

If you are purchasing property and paying cash, a title search and/or abstracting is not necessary. However, if you take ownership of a piece of property that has defects in its chain of title, once the deed is filed, the defects are now your responsibility. These defects can include but aren’t limited to unpaid mortgages, judgments, liens, and broken title (meaning other people own claim to the property).
Banks require a title search on any property they plan to finance. This search allows them to discover any defects of title that might supersede their guaranty on the property. If a defect is found, the owner is asked to clear such defect before money can be borrowed against the property.